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Apr 22, 2013 9:00pm PDT
and they learned from watching videos on-line. join meg is deputy director of russia and eurasia program of the endowment of international peace. welcome to you, mr. ijaski. let's get into the background of these two brothers. we know they are ethic chechens. we don't believe they ever lived in chechnya, is that right? >> that's right. they may have spent some time in chechnya, but one, they are part of a era with stallin during world war ii, made an anti-soviet dissocial area, sent them to eurasia where the two brothers grew up. they were are too young to fight in the first chechen war and the second chechen war in 2000. so at best an indirect exposure, hearsay, family memories, things like that. >> we know that tamerlan tsarnaev spent about six months in russia mainly in dagestan where his father is. we know extremists are involved in quite violent attacks against police and civilian targets. what can we read into what he may have experienced in dagestan? >> yeah, this is absolutely key, piers. while it is true that chechen insurgency ended, the violence move need dagestan and it is a
Apr 1, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of the eurasia group. >>> well, investors bailed out of the chip stocks because so much of their products are produced in south korea. also, an industry sales report showed that chip sales were down sharply earlier this year. dow component inteldropped 2%. amis also off. >>> toys "r" us is pulling its plan to take the company public. they're citing tough market conditions and that its ceo is stepping down. well, despite toys "r" us' decision, the ipo market is remaining active. jackie deangelis looks what's in the pipe line for the quarter and the rest of the year. >> ipo activity held steady with 31 deals for companies with market cap over 50 million, raising $7.6 billion according to renaissance capital. ipo performance outpacing the broader market with an average total return for the quarter of 18%. there was also a notable shift toward yield plays. that said, when looking at the pipeline for the rest of the year, couple of things to consider including recent legislation that allows smaller companies to file confidentially. many are electing that option. that could make the pipeline ap
Apr 28, 2013 10:45pm EDT
in -- they eurasia and should the and a partner with a guy who's tim for the country and the steady that it is so powerful that you can buy a public policy that we did a report last year on the biotech industry and it turns out there are 100 biotech companies lobbying full time and of those, they have hired 14 former members of congress and 300 former staffers of the white house and congress. the biotechnology industry has a lot of clout. and wal-mart and monsanto are partnering up in some ways. one of the ways recently with engineers with genetically engineered sweet corn i no food and water watching a lot of other consumer groups trying to get wal-mart because they want to be sustainable, to not by the sweet corn but they did and when wal-mart buys something it creates a market and monsanto plans to have 40 percent of the market for sweet corn be the genetically engineered friday and it will not be labeled. so we've revolutionized the food this system and but to put pressure on the suppliers to cut costs and to go into great detail. we don't have enough time but what it has done effectively to
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am EDT
qaa bottling company high company. >> eurasia up 15. >> i had diet coke and pep sa as well. >> eurasia up 1. >> latin america four below. a mix but overall 4% was above expectations. it's up 62 cents. it should help the futures at this point. >> investors searching for answers in yesterday's bombing in boston. >> good morning, andrew. we're expecting a big day of beefed up security across the country in response to the events in boston yesterday. we have the emancipation day parade expected to go on today. they are going to beef up security at the parade. we can expect to see public gatherings and event witness stand large numbers of people across the country today. the fbi has taken the lead on this investigation as to what happened in boston yesterday. the white house says the president was briefed overnight last night. he's expecting further briefings this morning from the fbi. we are expecting that at about 9:30 this morning the media will hear from the fbi as well and we may get more information yesterday during these attacks. in the aftermath the president came out and talk to re
Apr 20, 2013 5:00am PDT
burke, who is a manager editor at, as you've been looking at this over the last 24 hours or so, justin, what your sense of what ties there may be, if any at all, to the conflict in that area? >> my gut says there's not too great a connection. i think more important to look at is their exile experience. essentially their chechens, but they have a very tenuous connection to chechnya. they spent a lot of time in kyrgyzstan, that is going through a marked democracy, and there's a chechen diaspora community in chechnya that they were part of that is being left behind because there's a very fierce fight over resources in that central asian state. then they move to dagastan, that's another north caucasuses public that's part of russia, and that's also a hotbed of discontent with economic and religious ferment. so, you have to look at their experiences there. and then they've been in the united states for many, many years. so, chechnya and the turmoil, the decades of turmoil, all the years of conflict, maybe plays a tangential role in all of this. >> it's interesting i thought, a
Apr 27, 2013 7:00am PDT
hearing of the foreign affairs sub committee on europe, eurasia and emerging threats on sub committee, terrorist and trade. today's topic is islamic extremism in chechnya a threat to the u.s. homeland? question. >> yeah. that happened. he almost looked a little bit like he was smiling. right? because it happened yesterday in our nation's house of representatives. that's our tax dollars at work because the two suspects in the boston marathon, only one of whom is still alive, mind you, and one is a long-time u.s. resident and the other is a citizen of off chechnyan decent? what were they told? the islamist presence poses little strategic threat to the united states. great. and also chechnya is not the czech republic. so you say we should be asking questions. are these the questions we should be asking? >> i have no idea what questions he was about to launch into. quite frankly i was asleep by the time he got to this that point. before the break i was saying i think we're far enough now from 9/11 that more of us can use our freedoms to be asking questions. and back to the so-called groun
Apr 4, 2013 5:00pm EDT
and eurasia and we are pleased to welcome frank rose, deputy secretary of state for defense policies speak about u.s. priorities for outer space diplomacy in prison upon the second term. for those of you who don't know us well as a global think tank, including our membership in one, but also by rain, singapore and washington. the program in singapore offices grew out of the regional dialect the judas pioneered over the past decade. the middle east commissioned by the dialect of asia-pacific. survival, quarterly journal affairs, the annual military balance in the 2013 edition of which was launched last week and the adelphi book series, some of which are on display in the back. this office is a critical part of that broader network to a sometimes skeptical international audience. i should mention the double i-aa is an organization and for those who aren't members to find information on our website we are here today to hear from frank. the arms control verification hero is responsible for key issues to military space policy. prior to joining the department 2009, he held positions of
Apr 8, 2013 8:30pm EDT
is there are certain context i don't think this is the norm or it is true of eurasia where you cannot find people that that type of training would benefit. how do you -- what's springs in. >> a nutshell what i would submit to osd and state is that the focus, if there must be engagement with a country that bad solely on accountability, say we're going help you create inspector general/civilian complaint review board/the military component of your commission. whatever it is in the country which has the oversight of the security forces, help you train that entity and try to make your military more accountable and transparent. you just do that. or you can threaten them as certain countries have just threaten them with a full withdrawal of military assistance and lay down the exact road map for how to get it back. those are essentially two options. this is a point i want to raise in our discussion. we -- strategy in southeast asia and doing their own version of imf that doesn't look a lot like american imf. they are pulling larger numbers than we are from regional military. i wondered if chip and john
Apr 27, 2013 10:00am EDT
. >> i called to order this joint hearing of the foreign affairs subcommittee on europe, eurasia, and nonferrous proliferation and trade. today's topic is islamists extremism in chechnya, a threat to the u.s. homeland. after the chairman and i do to cope -- each of us have five minutes to make opening statements. each member will then have one minute to make aoping statement between the majority and minority members. without objection all members may have five days to submit statements, questions, and extraneous journals for the record. the origins of the terrorist attack in boston have drawn attention to a region that has not received the study that it deserves. the terrorist brothers had roots in chechnya even though they grew up in america and saw u.s. citizenship. of the northern caucuses. were fought in chechnya in the 1990's as the province saw independence from russia. many chechnya's fled to other parts of the region and into central asia. pakistan was not directly involved in the war but has certainly been affected by them and is now a hotbed of rad islamic activity. the
Apr 26, 2013 10:30pm EDT
hearing of the foreign affairs on europe, eurasia and emerging threats as well as terrorism nonproliferation and trade. today's topic is islamic extremism in chechnya a threat to the u.s. homeland. after chairman and i have two subcommittees, each will us will have five minutes to make opening statements. without objection, all members may have five days to submit statements and extraneous material for the record. hearing no objections, so order. the objections -- the terrorist attack and bomb and have called it into a that has not received the study that it deserves. the terrorist brothers have roots in chechnya, even though they grew up in america. chechnya, which includes dagestan, where the father of the two brothers lived. two major wars have been fought in chechnya in the 1990s. as the province sought in dependence from russia, many chechens fled. it is now a hotbed of radical islamic activity. there are reports that chechens fighting in afghanistan against the united states and nato troops. al qaeda has made recruitment of chechens a priority. the appearance of chech
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)